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Healing our Veterans, Communities and Environment

Veterans Farming Initiative is a 501(c)(3) organization with a passion for healing America's veterans through the power of sustainable agriculture. We operate a veteran-owned and community-supported farm on 23 acres of fertile soil in beautiful Montrose, Minnesota.

Here we grow sustainable food, teach sustainable & regenetive farming techniques and offer many educational and healing programs. Veterans from all eras and branches of service, their families and members of the community are invited to join us in developing sustainable farming skills and building a strong sense of camaraderie and purpose while caring for the land.

We are the only permaculture-based veterans nonprofit farming organization in the U.S. As a fully operating farm, we donate and sell high-quality, pasture raised meats and high value crops. All proceeds are reinvested backinto our farm and programming.


Growing-Educating-Healing by Innovative, Sustainable Means

We offer a variety of programs to fulfill our mission of producing healthy food and healing America's veterans.


Days on the Farm

Veterans are provided the opportunity to pull on their overalls, roll up their sleeves, and get immersed in the day-to-day activities of running a farm. We offer a variety of learning experiences, activities can include maintaining structures, animal care or plant based projects (gardening or crops). No task is too big or too small, and no two days are ever the same.

These activities help veterans become familiar with animals, develop farming skills, and realize the benefits that come from physical activity and social interaction all while basking in the soothing effects of the outdoors.


Square Foot Garden Box Program

We'll construct a 4x4 square foot garden box for a veteran's yard or patio for them to bring home and use to grow produce. We provide the plants, as well as detailed instructions on how to nurture and grow lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, and even flowers.

With the right amount of care, these boxes can provide enough greens for two healthy salads a day during the growing season. In addition to this, the garden also provides a great introduction to gardening and enables veterans the comforting effects of nature and the satisfaction of having grown their own food.


Food Donations

We donate a portion of our meat and eggs produce on the farm to veterans, their families, organizations that support Americanís veterans, and local food banks so that all can enjoy the health benefits of high-quality foods.


Educational Seminars

We encourage veterans to join us for a variety of educational classes and workshops. Some of the topics we cover include cooking and canning, wood turning, making leather goods, and hand-crafting goat milk soap. These sessions enable veterans to enjoy camaraderie and develop new skills, many of which they can use at home.


Community Events

We frequently host community gatherings and invite local residents to spend a fun-filled half-day with us. They can assist with chores, learn about sustainable farming, and develop an appreciation for our natural environment.

Together, we enjoy a healthy meal and the enriching opportunity to interact with our neighbors. At the end of the day they get to take home a to-go bag filled with fresh eggs, meat, or vegetables - as well as some great memories.


Eco Tours

Our organization is truly unique as the nation's only permaculture-based farm dedicated to helping veterans. Individuals, school groups, and other organizations can receive a guided tour, learn about the benefits of sustainable farming, and meet the livestock we raise. Individual or group tours are available by appointment.