Wish List

Mobile chicken schooners and automated feed and water systems - $20,000

These products will simplify management of our broiler chickens while keeping the flock safe and happy by providing them access to fresh green pasture and bugs each day. With these items, we’ll be able to raise anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 chickens a year for donation and sales to support our efforts.

Brooding/duck/quail building - $18,000

This building will help us expand our egg production to include ducks and quail, offering customers with egg allergies additional options for consuming eggs safely. By expanding to include these superfoods, we will offer additional healthy food options to Veterans, their families and our communities.

Pastured layer house - $18,000

This mobile structure will help us better care for laying hens by keeping them safe and happy and enabling our chickens to thrive on fresh pasture each day. The house is fully automated, uses solar power and includes a hand-turned belt that brings the eggs right to the person collecting them.

Timeless fencing, paddock installation and energy-free year-round watering system installation - $10,000

These items will help us fence the seven acres of our farm that are not currently fenced, enable us to better manage our animals during rotation, be adaptable for Veterans – especially ones with disabilities – and speed the process of soil regeneration, herd safety and productivity.

Egg washing, candling grading system - $8,000

This system will increase the quality of life of everyone on the farm by helping us more easily and comfortably prepare our eggs for sale or donation.

FarmTek small animal shelters - $5,000

We hope to purchase 10 of these shelters for pasture farrowing/lambing and kidding. They will increase the health and well-being of our larger livestock while being lightweight and durable enough to be easily moved by a single person or two people working as a team.

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